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Tiny Things

This is Ruby, our new puppy. She’s tiny. This is Floof, my sister’s dog (my nephew), when he was a puppy. He was also tiny. He’s still tiny. This is Benji, my mom’s dog, a few months ago. Tiny.  I bet everyone reading this went ‘aaaawwwww’. That’s because (a) my dogs are objectively the cutest… Continue reading Tiny Things

Cats, pineapples, and I

We recently adopted a cat. She’s an all-white elegantly dainty little thing with a pretty pink nose and large topaz eyes. She had been left behind when her previous owners emigrated (rude, but good for us). Zoë (her name) is a pure-bred Turkish Angora cat, who – as a kitten – would have cost upwards of… Continue reading Cats, pineapples, and I

The Profound Comfort of Food

When I fell at school and scraped open my knee my teacher gave me a Marie biscuit while she called my mom to come fetch me. After the events of 9/11, supermarkets and restaurants in New York reported a spike in mashed potato sales. When I graduated with my Master’s degree, we celebrated with pancakes… Continue reading The Profound Comfort of Food

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